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Jammer vom Entenmoor

Jammer Vom EntenmoorHere is Jammer's Story

When Jammer was about  6 months old he was playing with his brother Jax and was injured.  The injury led to him becoming very stiff.  The vet tried low doses of Prednisone and we had him adjusted by a chiropracter but neither was working.  Jammer was taken to Iowa State University's Neurological Department where he was diagnosed with SRMA (Steroid Responsive Menigitis-Arteritis.  The treatment was extremely high dose Prednisone following a step down of medication until he was at zero.

The initial treatment seemed to work and Jammer was training for his VJP. the day of the test Jammer relapsed and had to be pulled from the test.  The entire steroid treatment had to be repeated.  This time an immune suppressive medication was added to the treatment.  Once again the treatment seemed to work but he became ill again.  Since regular blood work was part of the treatment series the specialist said to have him checked again.  He didn't think it was the SRMA this time.  Sure enough he was right, Jammer had Lymes.

Well we treated him for Lymes and the treatment worked.  Jammer is Bobbi's very vocal spoiled boy and he will remain with us for the rest of his life.

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